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Cheap Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Reviews - Affordable Windows Dedicated Server Hosting in Singapore (ASIA)

Affordable Windows Dedicated Server Hosting in Singapore (ASIA)

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Windows is a most popular operating system as it is easy to use manage and install. One other advantage with Windows is that it has wide range of microsoft tools as compare to Linux that help users to develop their website more easily due to familiar interface.

Further, It is more dynamic OS , supports several applications. One big disadvantage with windows server is that it is costlier platform as you need to pay for the operating system license. It is not suggested to use unlicensed copies! So here are the features and recommendations related to Linux and Windows, now you should choose one in according to your server software requirement and budget. If you are still confused about choosing OS then you can consult to any web hosting provider , they can suggest you better in according to your server requirement.

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting in Singapore

Windows Dedicated hosting in singapore has become affordable, even though you should go through all the hosting plans available with the hosting provider. The prices of the plans depend upon the kind website you are about to host. If you are about to host an ecommerce website with large database then the price will be on a higher side. If you are about to host a personal website then the price will be bit lower.

Most of the Windows Dedicated Servers Singapore make available service level agreement but it is according to the network uptime. A number of the servers also give 100% guarantee on their network. In managed dedicated server which have many of the services like software, hardware & other ongoing upkeep on the servers. Crucial factor for selecting their managed dedicated server Singapore hosting along with the managed dedicated server is often security. The features of the management Singapore dedicated server hosting includes operating system updates, duplicate facilities, software updates, firewall facilities, application progress, highly developed technical help, anti-spam & virus protection, safety scans, data base management, advanced configurations, control panel, performance tuning, disaster discovery as well as the intrusion detection.
The Singapore Windows dedicated server also provides you with there are a few service managed support also it includes fully managed, managed, self managed & unmanaged. The fully managed amenities comprise reboots, software updates, operating system patches, protection patches as well as the monitoring. With this the customers didn't do some other task. The managed server carries medium level of management, monitoring, updates and they provide limited quantity of the support. Which is where consumers perform specific task. The self managed help includes maintenance and so the ordinary monitoring and many of the tasks are going to be performed by the server. The unmanaged support the entire tasks are going to be done through the server also the customers impart the many patches, upgrades, maintenance along with the security. The advantages of dedicated server hosting and it includes customization, reliability, upgrades, unique IP address, hard disk drive arrangement, security and then the FTP backup. provides excellent Dedicated Server services users across the globe, reaching into Singapore, US and Europe.

The routes of their network are constantly evolving for the needs of the users. Customer feedback is vital, as they encourage users to drop them a ticket for costumer concerns. New network providers are being added occasionally to create better reach into countries in Asia, US and Europe through network and bandwidth capacity.

Benefits ASPHostPortal Windows Dedicated Server Hosting in Singapore:

  • Broadens their client’s performance as their website evolves. ASPHostPortal Windows Dedicated Server hosting in Singapore allows their clients’ to promptly extent vertically with no requirement to reboot.
  • They offer more than 1000 GB bandwidth and 100 GB disk capacity for their client’s website which eliminates the hassles of getting hit with shocking extra fees.
  • With ASPHostPortal clients have total control over their Dedicated hosting in Singapore. They have complete root access to their dedicated virtual server in Singapore and can reboot remotely from their domestic online panel.
  • The web panel’s GUI deliver complete access to the previous usage graphs for further recollection and load. All you need to do is just alter our GUI slider to transform your load or memory needs.
  • ASPHostPortal handles their own network, so that their clients’ website never bounces a beat. With their clients will have 24×7 and 365 days a year, access to their professional technical support representatives through email.
  • Experience the blazing rapidity, flexibility and power of ASPHostPortal’s dedicated server in Singapore at affordable prices.
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