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Who is The Best and Recommeded IIS 8 Hosting?

Internet Information Services (IIS) 8 for Windows Server 2012 is a stable, flexible and easy-to-manage web server for hosting website files on the web. From softwares to media streaming video, IIS is always scalable for web developers to handle the most sophisticated tasks.

IIS, which is also named as Internet Information Server, created by Microsoft for Windows Server. IIS supports all kinds of Internet web services such as Http, Https, FTP, FTPs, SMTP and NNTP.

The first edition of IIS 1.0 founded in 1995, which was initially released as a free add-on for Windows NT 3.51. And IIS 8.0 was a complete redesign and rewrite of Internet Information Services, which needs to be installed and planted on Windows 2012 server.

Best and Recommendation for IIS 8 Hosting 2014

When you use “IIS 8 hosting” or “IIS 8 web hosting” to search on the 3 biggest search engines, you’ll find there are a huge amounts of results. Which web host can be the best choice for IIS 8.0? After reviewed dozens of famous Windows hosting companies in the industry, here we’d like to recommend 3 web solutions as your first IIS8 hosting choice based on our editors’ independent reviews and investigation.

ASPHostPortal has been a leading Windows hosting company in the industry over 6 years. Founded in 2008, ASPHostPortal has become one of the most famous IIS8 hosting companies world-wide. As for the newest statistics, there are over 50.000 domain names and websites are under its management and most of their customers are .Net developers. The company offers many levels of web hosting packages such as shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, SharePoint hosting and dedicated servers to all sizes of customers, and its cheapest Windows shared hosting package for IIS8 starts from as low as $1.00 a month. They offer IIS 8 hosting at 3 locations – USA, Europe (Netherlands), and Singapore Data Center.


Get the best value in IIS 8.0 Hosting from DiscountASP.NET, the global leader in advanced Windows hosting. DiscountASP.NET gives its customers the most flexibility by offering FREE Modules such as the IIS7 Rewrite and DBManaged Modules. In addition, Discount ASP.NET supports the IIS 8.0 Manager and has developed their own IIS 8.0 UI Extension Modules such as a Web.Config Backup / Restore and Global Assembly Cache View Tools as well as IIS Smooth Streaming. They offer IIS 8 Hosting at both 2 locations – USA and Europe (London, UK). Their price start from $10.00/month. was founded in January 1997 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada. provides superior value to customers by providing quality products and services that effectively and efficiently utilize the most current Internet technologies. With over 80,000 web hosting customers in over 170 countries, continues to demonstrate an extraordinary level of value and choice to their customers.Their IIS 8 Hosting price starts from $9.95/month. 

Why are they are the Best IIS 8 Hosting?

Before choosing a best web host, our editors always hear the sound of customers first. In order to provide a more accurate and truthful result of best IIS8 hosting, our editors have visited many .Net forum websites to check what customers said about their web hosts. ASPHostPortal is awarded as best IIS8 hosting provider by Microsoft, one of the most important reasons is you are hard to find a negative review or comment about this hosting company, almost all of their customers have given them very good reviews and rating scores. And that’s why our editors have the confidence to recommend ASPHostPortal as your first ASP.NET hosting choice for IIS 8 at here.

IIS 8 Hosting New Features

Server Name Indication

Using SNI we can configure thousands of secure websites on the web server, thus it allows many SSL sites to share the same Web Server IP.

Centralized Certificates Store (CCS)

Using CCS we can configure all certificate to be stored and accessed centrally on a file share. So in web server farm, Each IIS on separate server just go and pick up the certificate from the share but it must be certificate name like website name exactly.

CPU Throttling

Using CPU Throttling we can control and limit how much CPU each application pool can consume as a percentage of CPU. It is not a new feature, it was there in IIS 7.x; it was just killing w3wp when reach limit. But now it have a new additional actions like Throttle andThrottleUnderLoad that will limit the CPU consumption for the worker processes in the application pool to the configured value. It is important to know that CPU Throttling doesn't reserve CPU but it is just limiting CPU usage.

Application Initialization

Using Application Initialization Module, we can configure initialization page as initialization or warm up tasks to run before serving 1st  HTTP request; it was there in IIS 7.x before as warm-up module. But now it is built in IIS 8. 

Dynamic IP Restriction (DIPR)

Using DIPR we can Customize IIS reply like: Unauthorized (HTTP 401), Forbidden (HTTP 403), Not Found (HTTP 404), or Abort (IIS terminates the HTTP connection). Moreover we can allow or deny specific IP address or a range of IP addresses, even if they violate a dynamic restriction
setting. We can block dynamic IPs based on the number of concurrent requests or  the number of requests over a period of time.  Finally it is a very useful feature for web servers behind firewall or load balancer, because of the proxy mode property that enables IIS to cross checks the values in the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header. So it can verify the IP address of the client initially made request.


After reading this IIS 8 hosting article, we believe you should have made a decision about which web host could be your best choice for your websites.
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