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ASP.NET Hosting Provider - ASPHostPortal vs Mochahost

We believe that choosing the best ASP.NET hosting provider is really important and every customers really want the best and reliable service for their ASP.NET site. Price is important but the most important is uptime guarantee. We believe it is not easy to find ASP.NET hosting provider. We as web hosting review blog here want to help you to find ASP.NET Hosting provider for your needs.

Today, we will focus discussing 2 companies, Mochahost and ASPHostPortal.

Features Mochahost vs ASPHostPortal

Below are comparison between Mochahost and ASPHostPortal
Mochahost (Business Plan)
ASPHostPortal (Host One Plan)
ASP.NET 1.0/2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5
ASP.NET 1.0/2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5
IIS 7/7.5/8.0
IIS 7/7.5/8/8.5
SQL 2008/2008 R2
SQL 2008/2008 R2/2012/2014
ASP.NET MVC 1/2/3/4/5
ASP.NET MVC 1/2/3/4/5
Trust Level
FREE Domain
Application Pool
Hosted Domain
PHP version
PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4/5.5
PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4/5.5
SmarterMail 10
SmarterMail 10
Control Panel
Money Back Guarantee

From the above tables, we can see that both Mochahost and ASPHostPortal has the same feature. They are really update with the latest technology. The difference is only with the price. But, with Mochahost, there is no limited disk space and bandwith, but we believe there is no unlimited disk space and bandwith. It is just marketing word. For more information, please just review their terms of service.

ASP.NET Hosting Pricing Structure Mochahost vs ASPHostPortal

Above tables we compare their middle plan. We review Mochahost Business plan and ASPHostPortal Host One plan.

Mochahost has 3 hosting plan, Soho, Business, and Mocha. On Soho hosting plan, you can only host 1 domain and the price start from $4.95/month which is very affordable too. And then the Business and Mocha plan, you can host unlimited domains with unlimited bandwith and disk space. This is very powerful plan. Mocha pricing is $11.95/month. This is very interesting too.

Now, ASPHostPortal ASP.NET hosting plan. ASPHostPortal has 4 hosting plan in shared hosting with the 4 advance plan. ASPHostPortal ASP.NET hosting plan has 4 favourite hosting plan, i.e Host Intro, Host One, Host Two, and Host Three.

Host Intro start from only $1.00/month. But in Host Intro plan, you can only host single website with no MSSQL and MySQL database. This is for new blogger or new comer in web hosting. With only $1.00/month, you can start build your simple ASP.NET page or HTML page. Host One which is the most favourite plan start from $5.00/month. In this plan, the disk space and bandwith very enough to start your small website. And in this plan, you can create MSSQL database and also MySQL database.

ASPHostPortal ASP.NET Host Two and Host Three plan are quite interesting too. Beside their lower price, there is enough disk space and bandwith to start your corporate website. Every of your single site will be assigned application pool. If one of your site crashed, then you don’t need to worry about your other sites. That’s the benefit.

Mochahost vs ASPHostPortal Uptime Guarantee

We believe this factor is very important thing beside the feature and pricing. This is very crucial parts for customers to run reliable websites. Just imagine if your site down for long day, will you be mad?

Both ASPHostPortal and Mochahost have good reputation on uptime. For MochaHost, the performance of its data centers is good. The company is a green web host that utilizes dual quad core Intel Xeon CPUs, 24-32 GB of RAM, RAID 10 configuration, redundant power supplies and more to ensure fast speed and almost 100% uptime for customers’ websites.

ASPHostPortal data center is located at Seattle, US. Each data center facility features one or more pods, each built to the same specifications with best-in-class methodologies to support up to 5,000 servers. Leveraging this standardization across all geographic locations, we optimize key data center performance variables including: space, power, network, personnel, and internal infrastructure.

Furthermore, ASPHostPortal has tremendous cooling infrastructure, with dual redundant chilled water supply loops and multiple Liebert air conditioning units pumping cold air into the pressurized raised floor of their data center.

Mochahost vs ASPHostPortal ASP.NET Hosting Technical Support

We believe this is also the important thing. With professional and quick response supports really help customers to run their ASP.NET site easily.

Both Mochahost and ASPHostPortal also have good customer support. If ASPHostPortal customers encounter some issues, you can contact their via their helpdesk system 24 hours a day. No matter it is 25th Dec, they will help you if you encounter the problem. For some common problems, customers can easily handle by themselves through checking knowledge base, blog, discussion board and more.

Mochahost also have top quality customer support. They will help you as soon as possible if you encounter the problem.


Both ASPHostPortal and Mochahost are the best option for ASP.NET hosting in the world. As the best hosting industry, they always keep update their technology, offering rich features, reliable hosting and friendly support at an affordable price. For more information, please visit their official site at and

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