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Best and Cheap ASP.NET Hosting - How to troubleshoot slow Page Rendering in ASP.NET?

Best and Cheap ASP.NET Hosting - How to troubleshoot slow Page Rendering in ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is definitely an wide open resource server-side Web software construction designed for Web advancement to generate active Webpages. It was created by Microsoft allowing programmers to construct dynamic internet sites, web purposes and net services. But we will not discuss more in in this article we will find out “How to troubleshoot slow Page Rendering in ASP.NET?”

 It's not an occasion; instead, at this point of finalizing, the Site object calls this process on every single control. Most ASP. NET Internet server controls have a Render technique that creates out the actual control's markup that may be sent for the browser.

When you create some sort of custom command, you typically override this process to productivity the control's markup. Nonetheless, if ones custom command incorporates solely standard ASP. NET Internet server controls with out custom markup, you do not need to override the actual Render method. For details, see Developing Custom ASP. NET Server Handles. A individual control (an. ascx file) routinely incorporates making, so you do not need to explicitly render the actual control inside code.

See the following find, you can easily see that Webpage is taking quite a while to provide. Your page has several controls, and you will need to figure away which handle is causing the matter. How will you do that? Oh, I forgot to state, you are on the Production server, therefore you don’t develop the code with the controls which are present on your own page.

Web site level doing a trace for can just show that you will be taking time in Render the site. How could you smartly inform which handle is causing the problem is the topic because of this post. I will use the simple trick by means of ControlAdapters. See More

>> Create a folder called App_Code inside your application
>> Add a new class ControlAdapterTracing.cs
>> Write the following code

>> Configure this adapter now by creating a new folder called App_Browsers directly inside your application
>> Add a new file in App_Browsers folder called Tracing.browser 
>> Write the following in Tracing.browser file

>> If you have 3rd party controls, or other controls like GridView, FormView, etc… you must add adapter entries for all the controlTypes as you can see above. Please note that it should be fully qualified…

<adapter controlType=”NameSpace.ControlName, DLLName, Version=x.x.x.x, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=PublicKeyOfControl” adapaterType=”ControlAdapterTracing” />

>> Once done, if you execute your page you should see something like the following now (compare it to the screenshot above)

Great, I am currently aware which the reason is ASP. Control2_ascx and I could consider proper measures moving forward. Where will be the bugger which wrote this rule?

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