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Best and Cheap ASP.NET Hosting – What’s new on ASP.NET 5 ?

As most of you might already be having some experience with ASP.NET, let’s have a look into some of the new features introduced with ASP.NET 5. ASP.NET 5 is the next generation of ASP. NET which gives a acquainted and modern framework for web and cloud scenarios. It contains the next versions of ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Web Pages and SignalR. It's a high-performance and modular style, and supports full side by side in order to make it seamless to migrate from on premise towards the cloud. These products are actively created from the ASP.NET team in collaboration having a community of open up source developers.

ASP.NET 5 is the next version of ASP.NET 4.5 available in Visual Studio 2015. ASP.NET 5, with the help of Visual Studio 2015, lets you create modern web applications. Modern web applications not only target all devices, including PCs, Macs, Tablets and smartphones, but also work with any browser or operating system.

ASP.NET Runtime Updates
When updates in Visual Studio 2013, a few outstanding attributes were enhanced during this release of Visual Studio which supports the creation and development of ASP.NET 5 Preview applications. ASP.NET 5 Preview is clean and free of bugs and it is a composable. NET stack for building modern web applications for each cloud and on-premises servers. A few new or up to date attributes are given below.
  1. ASP.NET MVC and Web API happen to be unified into your single programming model during this release only.
  2. Environment-based configuration for any seamless transition towards the cloud is an advance feature. ASP. NET 5 runs on Windows using the. NET Framework or. NET Core.
  3. ASP. NET Core is a brand new cloud optimized runtime which supports true side-by-side versioning.
  4. Run in IIS, or self-hosted with your personal method.
  5. Dependency injection out-of-the-box.
  6. NuGet everything, even the runtime itself.
  7. Environment-based configuration for any seamless transition towards the cloud is among the outstanding features.
Host anywhere
ASP. NET 5 enables you to host your app on IIS or self-host your app with your personal process. Whenever you target the Core CLR, you are able to deploy your app along with each dependency bundled inside the deployment package. Thus, your app and the dependencies are totally self-contained and not dependent on a method installation of. NET. Any kinds of device or hosting platform is proficient at running the app.

This new capability provides you lots of freedom. We still recommend IIS as the very best choice for hosting, however in a few cases, you might need to make use of a totally different hosting platform. Currently, you merely deploy your project to that host. Your hosting choice not dictates that development framework to make use of, and vice versa.

Simplify dependency management
ASP.NET 5 introduces a new, lightweight way to manage dependencies in your projects. You no longer add assembly references to your project; instead, you manage dependencies by referencing NuGet packages. You can add NuGet packages through the NuGet Package Manager or you can edit the JSON file (project.json) that lists the NuGet packages and versions used in your project. To add other dependencies, you simply type the name and version number of the NuGet package into your project.json file.

Best and Cheap ASP.NET 5 Hosting Recommendation

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