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ASP.NET Mobile Web Development - Deeply Review

ASP.NET Mobile Web Development does not differ substantially from web development for desktop. ASP.NET provides a System.Web.Mobile namespace which is dedicated to mobile web development that contains core capabilities like authentication and error handling. Whether it is for desktop or mobile, development follows the basic .NET event driven model that helps the application to respond to requests and button clicks etc.

Although, the protocol for designing the web pages is same for desktop and mobile, the basic ASP.NET architecture does not support developing common pages for both the platforms. Reason being, the design and the layout might not be conducive for a mobile platform due to the limitations of the web browser, limitations of space in a mobile screen, the resolutions and lot of such features. 

In addition to that, some basic functions like filling up a form might be a problem. Showing all the possible controls and validation errors might get untidy due to the lack of space. Further, the process of typing and filling up the form in itself could be an issue as it is not very convenient to type on a mobile platform.

Due to these reasons it is essential that you create different pages for your mobile. If a page is designed specially for a mobile device then it allows having better presentational formats making it more appropriate with the display area and input hardware of a mobile.

ASP.NET web application development is also supported by System.Web.Mobile namespace through which you can add mobile Web server controls once mobile web page from MobilePage base class has been made. These server controls have many specialized adaptors that are designed for developing mobile web pages and thus provide strong support and add the element of ease in the developmental process.

These adaptors can be customized for each device or the existing ones can be modified depending on the requirement. The best part is that Microsoft keeps providing updates for the adaptors whenever a new markup language evolves. This allows you to use the new languages with same controls that you have been using. 

With such kind of adaptability and provisions, Mobile Web Development Services become all the more easy and beneficial. With ASP.NET evolving all the time, the development options it provides are endless.

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