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Get Free ASP.NET Hosting for Drupal Without Low Speed

Drupal is an open source CMS that gives its users a large degree of flexibility to modify, share, and distribute content (text, video, data, business services). Still, Drupal is more than a CMS. It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that is perfect for a small business and scalable for any large enterprise.

Get Free ASP.NET Hosting for Drupal Without Low Speed
Drupal is a free open source modular framework. It is written in the programming language PHP to offer an efficient Content Management System (CMS). From small personal blogs to major corporate websites, Drupal is used as a back end system for a variety of websites. With reliable Drupal hosting, you will enjoy a constant online presence without interruption.

If you want to get free ASP.NET hosting for Drupal without low speed, ASPHostPortal.com will be the best choice for your Drupal site.

Get Free ASP.NET Hosting for Drupal from ASPHostPortal.com

Get Free ASP.NET Hosting for Drupal Without Low Speed
Why ASPHostPortal.com must be the choice? ASPHostPortal.com has established on 2008. They have 7 years experience in hosting field. Their support team also professional in solve their client cases. Nowadays, they have 8 data centers that located in US, France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.  All their servers is equipped by premium technology, so you don't need to worry about their speed. They offers paid and free plan for your Drupal site with uptime guarantee and professional services.

All of their plans include with unlimited website, huge bandwidth and disk space, unlimited email accounts, daily backup service, remote access database, dedicated application pool, and etc. For paid plan service, you only pay from $5/month with 30 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service. To learn more about their features availability you can check this tabel and visit their website.

Disk Space
2 GB
20 GB
Hosted Domain
50 MB
MySQL Space
100 MB
Remote DB Access
FREE Cloud ASP.NET Hosting
Email Space
100 MB
Latest ASP.NET Version
FREE Cloud ASP.NET Hosting
Latest IIS Version
FREE Cloud ASP.NET Hosting
Latest PHP / MySQL Version
FREE Cloud ASP.NET Hosting
Support URL Rewrite
FREE Cloud ASP.NET Hosting
Dedicated Application Pool
FREE Cloud ASP.NET Hosting
Control Panel

Tips to Increase Your Drupal Site Speed

Get Free ASP.NET Hosting for Drupal Without Low Speed
A web page's loading time is becoming extremely important in search engine rankings. Improving page speed can cost a little money, so a small business might not do it. Here are some free ways to improve your Drupal speed:

Turn On Drupal Cache

Using Drupal's built-in caching is probably the easiest way to improve performance on your site. However, some users that are new to Drupal miss out on this feature because it’s turned off by default. To enable caching for your site, go to the 'Performance' settings under the ‘Configuration’ tab.

Disable unnecessary modules

Having a fast loading site is of more importance than adding more functionality. Too many modules can lower page load speed as they add to the amount of processing that the web server needs to handle. To improve page load speed, turn off the Views UI module, Devel, and any other unused modules -- better yet, make the decision to keep it simple, whenever possible, while you are building the site! When possible, augment contributed modules with custom code if all that is needed is something simple.

Enable Boost Module.

For anonymous users Boost caches your pages  HTML files, so your webserver  can serve them much more quickly as there will be no database reads.  So if majority of traffic is from anonymous users, then Boost is a great module for you.  Boost can help you realize a significant performance increase for personal blogs, small business, corporate sites, portals and directories that receive mostly anonymous traffic. For shared hosting this is your best option in terms of improving performance and enhancing your website visitor's experience.

Reduce Image Sizes and Number of Images

Reducing image sizes and/or number of images works to improve performance in a similar way as the CSS and JS aggregation did, you are reducing the number of requests to the server, and reducing the overall size that needs to be transferred from the server to your user's computer.
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