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What is KLR, KPM, KVM, and KRE in ASP.NET 5 ?

ASP.NET 5(vNext) is a latest upcoming version of development platform that is re-intended and redesigned by Microsoft from the scratch. Along with Visual Studio 2015, Microsoft has released ASP.NET5 (vNext) that offers new runtime environment known as K Runtime Environment (KRE). Using this version of, developers can run their apps through prompt command using several commands. And in this post, we will share all the related terms that will help you in making best ASP.NET app development practices.

KRE (K Runtime Environment)

Using KRE, developers can run and bootstrap vNext application. It is a must have environment that initiates running of vNext applications. The KRE contains many things such as Native CLR hosts, SDK tools, Compiler systems, etc. You can take help of KVM List command to avail the latest KRE version.

KVM (K Version Manager)

KVM is an initial thing you need to run command. With KVM, developers can install and update different version of KRE. The PowerShell script is used to avail and manage distinct KRE version at one time on one machine. This means one application can have KRE version and another application can have another KRE version at the same time.

KLR (K Language Runtime)

KLR or K Language Runtime is an exe comes with Project K Package. Developers can use KLR.exe for scenarios like running and building of app from the command line while self-hosting in development.

KPM (K Package Manager)

K Package Manager allows developers to carry out operations involved in their vNext application. With KPM, developers can restore packages, pack their apps for deployment and do several other things.

It is important to learn all these terms if you want to carry out best development practices for applications.

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