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8 Excellent Tips to Boost Your Traffic from Google Plus

8 Excellent Tips to Boost Your Traffic from Google Plus | Social Media, not mentioning it’s influence on marketing strategies, plays a significant role in the modern SEO strategy. Google Plus, as a part of Google’s ecosystem and one of the key players on the social media market out there, in terms of SEO plays a much bigger role than a simple social media platform.

Maybe you’ve got an impression that Google Plus is abandoned, with hardly any users. In comparison to other social platforms the numbers don’t look spectacular, but still using Google’s Social Media will give you a few benefits beyond communication and content distribution.

Let’s check some of the ways to improve the Google Plus SEO strategy now.

Excellent Google Plus profile

Your Google plus profile page tells your entire business history, so it is essential to complete all the required fields like adding real name and image, website details with description, etc. and get verified by Google. Adding Google Plus Badge on your blog/website would help you to gain credibility and followers.

Share High-quality content consistently

Provide solutions, interesting facts, and unknown stuffs to your readers; engage them with your quality content. Also, do conversation on the shared Google plus post and this would assist you to make high-ranking on web searches.

Get Google Plus Authorship

Getting authorship from Google for your Google Plus profile page would make you popular in the web searches as the Google plus snippet will be shown with your profile image, name and no. of followers in your Google plus circle.

Use G+ button often

+1 of Google Plus is similar to Facebook like. It comes along with your Google Plus profile and it let the readers click on it to express their fascination towards the shared content. If the readers did so, it is like sharing your content on their network. If more people clicked the +1 button on your share content, it would send signals to the search engines saying that your content is more relevant.

Make use of featured link

The featured link of the Google Plus post is a do-follow and you could make use of it to share your website links. I used to see people sharing the link in the description filed along with the description of the content. If you do so, the link juice would not be passed to your website/blog.

Grow your Google plus circle

Google plus SEO strategy would be enhanced by following influential people related your field and adding link-minded people to your Google plus circle. The larger your Google Plus network, the more you influence the people’s search results who have you in their Google Plus circles. Buying Google Plus fans would result in a lower search profile, so add the relevant people manually to grow it further.

Include Keyword in the description

While sharing the information on Google plus posts, include appropriate keywords in the description (specifically in the first line). It would help you to drive traffic to your website/blog from the search engines. You could make use of Spark, a Google plus feature to add videos and information automatically related to the shared content by setting up of the keyword searches in it.

Take part in Google communities

To engage, learn and share the helpful stuffs associated with your business, do take part in various Google Plus communities. The more you stay active here, the more you get the favor from search engines and this would let you advance your brand name.
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