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Is Arvixe a Good Host for You? This is Secret Review About Arvixe

Web hosting is simply described as a place that manages the websites of individuals and organizations. When web hosting is discussed, it is referred to as a company that offers a space on a server (computer) where they can host your website files and provide Internet connectivity to allow other computers to gain access to the files on your site.

To create an excellent website, you need a good hosting provider to host your site. Generally, people search a good hosting provider by typing some keywords like "Best Hosting Provider, Cheap Hosting Provider, Reliable Hosting Provider, etc" on search engine. In the top search result, you will find some good host providers, and one of them is Arvixe.

About Arvixe

Arvixe is hosting provider that support with Linux and Windows platform. They offer shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. Many of people and their clients use their shared hosting package as its price is cheap, and they offer unlimited bandwidth & disk space. Not wrong if usual people interested with this package, but in the next time if you are not aware from unlimited hosting, you will feel some terrible experiences with them like their customers below.

What People and Their Customers Said About Arvixe?

We have collected some Arvixe reviews from website, and from credible hosting forums. This is REAL review and not the review that we made it by ourself.

You can check this review at bottom of this web :

Feroz Soudagar |

I have extremely bad experience with Arvixe. I started with hosting NopCommerce on thier business plan and the speed sucks. THe site is painfully slow. When i want to transfer my domain and terminate my hosting, they are not replying to my tickets. It has been 3 days and received no help nor reply to my tickets. When i contact thier reps on live chat they just apologize and promise that some one will respond. But no response. I am having hard time getting my domain transferred. I am not sure how can i get back my domain name from their captivity.

Bonnie Cullen |

I have four clients with Arvixe and in the last two weeks two of my clients sites have been down rather than up. They lost all the data for one client and then when I went to reinstall Wordpress the site now shows some other companies website. I have spent most of the two weeks either trying to get the issues resolved via their email support, chat support and now I'm trying to get through to their phone support which is now going on a 40 minute wait to speak to someone. Some of the technical support have been non responsive or don't understand my questions and write back the incorrect answer. I've used a lot of different hosting companies in the past for clients and this is by far the worst company I have dealt with so far. My recommendation is to take your business elsewhere.

John Morgan |

I did a lot of research on Arvixe and joined them about two months ago. They seemed like a great choice until today--when suddenly I'm unable to post anything to my site because it's "out of space," when I have a grand total of 4.1 MBs of data up there and I'm supposed to have unlimited space. This means I can't even log onto their portal to look at my site; I just get an "out of space" error, and deleting files doesn't clear up the issue. t then try numerous ways of contacting them, only to find that, on a Sunday, there is literally no way to contact them, not even an email form on their site. It shows up when I try to chat and fail since no one's there, but then the form glitches out and won't send. Cue internet research, which has revealed that Arvixe has been turning into a disaster. I'll try to get my money back, but in the meantime, I'm definitely going to another service. Such a bummer.

Arvixe.Com problem: all my files lost, and nobody cares? |

I have an hosting account with Arvixe. Because I am from Asia, my account was hosted their HongKong server. I don't know the reason, but around 2 weeks ago, they changed the HK server, as I noticed the ns1/ns2 IP changed and the server IP. Maybe they found better server provider. That's none of my business, as long as they keep my websites work. Unfortunately, after the server change, all my websites down. I logged to the cpanel, in the File Manager, I saw no files there. So I guess that probably the data/file transfer(from old server to new server) was still in progress. then I waited 2 days. after that, I still saw no my files.

Then I tried to livechat to contact them, the livechat always told me you needed to wait because too many people in the line, and I waited 30-60 munites, I gave up. Then I submitted a ticket in their support center. I mentioned my issues and they replied me like this:

"Due to a sudden influx of tickets, there has been a delay in resolving your issue. We are extremely sorry for the delay.

I do apologize for the inconvenience caused. Could you please let us know when your cpanel is containing all the files earlier? so that we can restore from our backups."

I told them before the server change all files were there. They could just copy old backup from old server.

Then serveral days later, nobody reply me again. 

I re-submit a ticket again, the same thing. They replied first time, and after that, the ticket has been just ignored.

My websites are not very that important so I maybe can accept serveral days down time. but I can't accept all my files just lost and they ignore my ticket. 

Anyone can tell how should I do? 

When my files/data is back, I would consider to move elsewhere. but now the problem is, how to let them restore my data/files?

Above review is only a little reviews about Arvixe, you can check more reviews from source link or from google by typing "problem with Arvixe".

Another Hosting Recommendation that Better Than Arvixe

Hosting Features
Dual Quad-core
Dual Quad-core
Dual Quad-core
Multi core
16 GB
16 GB
16 GB
32 GB
Disk Storage
5 GB
1 GB
10 GB
60 GB
80 GB
Hosted Site
200 MB
50 MB
MySQL db
200 MB
100 MB
One click Installer
Control Panel

Important Guides to Get Good Hosting Provider

In simple terms, choosing the hosting plan is similar to you choosing an electronic gadget, which means it is not necessary for you to learn or have knowledge about the components of the gadgets.

Here is a guide to help you choose the right plan for your shared web hosting needs:

Price of hosting service:

This would be the foremost element to consider. Do not simply get carried over with the company that gives attractive offers. Some company appears to charge nominal, but check with the features of services they are offering. Try to compare the price and packages of various companies before you decide.

What is your Area of Focus?

Remember, all web hosts may not suit different needs of customers. Therefore, it becomes essential to be very selective in choosing your web host services. Some websites may be designed for the small and newly emerging company, some for the growing businesses, whereas some for the large and grown company. Considering them, the requirement and expectations would differ majorly.

Read the reviews and Recommendations

If you are still worried about not knowing how to choose the best shared hosting plan for your website, then you can go through the reviews and recommendations of the direct customers experiencing or have hired the services of the hosting company. Such reviews can give you a better idea if to choose them or not and which plan would suit you the best.

Know the Technical Specifications and Limitations

Try to clearly understand about what you exactly need by figuring out the specifications. To say, if your requirement is to host a blog or rich content and videos or e-commerce site or any others, remember, a cheap plan may not have enough disk space and RAM processing power to serve your specified needs. This may consume more downtime and cause loading issues.

In addition to these elements to consider when choosing the best shared hosting plans, there are also a few more considerations to take into point and they include:

>> Technical support provided by the hosting company 
>> Add-ons and other features integrated into your plan 
>> Reputation of the company and customer satisfaction 
>> Email features such as spam solutions, and more 
>> How are the updates and modifications done by the service provider 
>> User interface and control panel specifications 
>> Scalability of the hosting plan 
>> Reliability of the services and more.
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