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Unrevealed Secret About Website Traffic That You Must to Know

Unrevealed Secret About Website Traffic That You Must to Know
Unrevealed Secret About Website Traffic That You Must to Know
If you are looking to get more website traffic, there are a lot of conflicting theories about how to do it correctly.

And hopefully by the end of this article I will be able to debunk a lot of the myths and troubles that you may be having when figuring out how to drive traffic to your websites.

First of all, let's get a good definition of traffic.

All you really need to know is that it is eyeballs to your website. Traffic is not actually created, as people are already out there clicking around the internet.

So the goal should be not to "create" it when in fact you just need to seek out where the viewers are and "divert it" back to your website.

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of traffic: paid and free.

What is Free Traffic?

Free traffic refers to anything that you are not immediately paying money for on the front end. Search engine optimization, or SEO is a classic example.

Myth about free traffic

However, in my opinion, no traffic is really free. In my line of work, my time and hourly rate is very valuable (I am not even writing this article for instance, it is written by an assistant).

So spending time doing free traffic is really a waste of time. Am I using these methods though? Of course.

What is paid traffic?

Any type of clicks or views that you may buy to get them to your link is generally described as paid traffic.

Pay per click, pay per view, solo ads, and Facebook ads are all types of paid traffic sources.

Making your first $100 online

So what is the secret? Well, there are a few ways to make $100 online as an online affiliate marketer.

First, is to sell a bunch of products, let's say 5 for $20 to give you the $100 total, or you could sell 1 item.

Another Myth Debunked

What many online marketer "so called gurus" may lead you to believe is however, that selling all these small items is the way to go because it's easier.


It is just has hard to get someone to buy a $20 product online that it is to have them buy $100.

The truth is, that you need to create a trusting environment, and provide enough value to get them to take action in the first place.

This seems simple enough, however most people totally miss the boat on this. And by that I mean that despite its simplicity, people rarely spend the time to learn the strategies to get leads to actually convert.

Like I always say, the traffic is the easy part. I can teach a 12 year old how to get traffic. Just as long as they are computer literate and have a debit or credit card access (not that I'm recommending this, it's just you need money to buy traffic).

Tying it all together

So, in order to make money online, you just need an audience (i.e. your "traffic") and an offer.

You can get an offer by signing up to literally thousands of affiliate programs. Affiliate program means that a company pays advertisers a commission when they send a customer to their site and a purchase is made.

As I mentioned, there are lots of affiliate programs, unfortunately many pay very low returns. So you might try to get a buyer to a site and they pay only 1-10% for example.

I recommend that if you are going to pay for traffic, to send people to a high paying offer so your return on investment is covered.

Once you have an offer chosen in your affiliate program, you simply buy traffic through any of the available methods (known as paid advertising) and you try to stay profitable.

Again, it sounds easy enough, but in the simplicity lies the room for error by most people!

Hope this helps!
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