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Best and Cheap SQL Server 2008 Hosting Reviews

Best and Cheap SQL Server 2008 Hosting Reviews

SQL Server Hosting is expensive comparing to Mysql. For this reason, many of the windows web hosting companies do not offer unlimited MSSQL databases. It doesn't mean they're not good. In fact, there're several golden rules to check if the hosting company is offering good sql server hosting service. SQL 2008 is by far the most powerful & efficient SQL server instance.

SQL Server 2008 Features

There are many significant features introduced in SQL Server 2008. Enterprise Data Platform, Dynamic Development, Beyond Relational Database, and Pervasive Insight and also the following:

Encryption – Transparent Data Encryption, which enables an entire database to be encrypted. Backup Encryption for secure database maintenance. And lastly External Key Management.
Performance Data – There is a new Performance Dashboard tool that can read saved performance data. In addition, there are new reports, monitoring, and tuning options.
Auditing of data changes.
Resource Governor – The Resource Governor can be used to trigger an event or stop a runaway or resource intensive process.
Data Compression for Fact Table size reduction.

cheap and best sql server 2008 hosting

Cheap Best SQL Server 2008 Hosting

When comes to best sql server hosting service, we rate through overall hosting features, sql server support and performance, hosting price and server availabilities. After reviewed 10+ reputable sql server hosting plans, we finally award and IXWebHosting the best and cheap SQL Server 2008 hosting providers.

Best And Cheap ASPHostPortal SQL Server 2008 Hosting

ASPHostPortal SQL Server hosting is configured on latest Windows Server 2008 that comes with latest tech support and security fixes. Performance is also enhanced comparing to any older version SQL server system.

ASPHostPortal SQL Server 2008 hosting core features:
  1. Standard SQL Server edition
  2. Fast and reliable performance
  3. Remote SQL Server 2008 connection support
  4. 99.9% uptime and 30 day money back guarantee

All advantages only cost you $5.00/mo. You can also use the "Double SQL Space" promo code.

ASPHostPortal offers full version SQL Server database with standard management over web tools or SQL Server management studio. Unlike all their competitors that comes unlimited for everything, ASPHostPortal limits the database and size for real production apps. They set the limitation to ensure every client will receive the best performance and success.

Best and Cheap IXWebHosting SQL Server 2008 Hosting

Ixwebhosting is a web hosting company that offers fast, reliable, and affordable SQL Server hosting plans for businesses and individual users. The provider has a long experience in serving customers, having presence on the web since 1999. has more than 110,000 customers hosting some 470,000 websites with them.

At IXWebHosting, there are two price plans available to its SQL Server 2008 hosting: Unlimited Pro and Business Plus.Even though “Unlimited Pro” include more features like “Business Plus”, IXWebHosting promotes it at the same price as “Business Plus”, which is $9.95/mo. IXWebHosting guarantee Anytime Money Back. People could ask for a full refund within the first 30 days or a prorated refund after it.

The success of a webhosting brand depends on whether they are able to keep their customers websites online. But 99.9% website uptime is really just one of those phrases you hear many companies throw around, but not define in real terms. They have a Tier 3 n +1 redundant datacenter in Columbus, OH that keeps your site up the maximum amount of time.

Extra From SQL Server 2008 Hosting

SQL Server 2008 Hosting service is offered in multiple tunnels today including:

Microsoft SQL Data Services (formerly SSDS) – this is completely different from everything above. You’re not opening up SQL Server Management Studio and firing off T-SQL queries. Instead, Microsoft SDS only accepts queries via SOAP/REST web services, which means it’s really targeted at programmers, not DBAs. The advantage is that it’s really cheap.
Dedicated SQL Server hosting – you get a dedicated server and install sql server by yourself. You're responsible for server security and maintenance etc. You have to fix most problems by yourself too.
A virtual SQL Server in the cloud – Known as DAAS (Database as a service). It comes with top performance and uptime guarantee, The cloud hosting server will ensure the database is up in case some hardware failure in the group.
Managed SQL Server – It comes with the services of a virtual database administrator where you’re dealing with a team of DBAs. They have the skills over side by side support for sql server database.
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