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Cheap And Best Windows Server 2012 Hosting Review

Cheap And Best Windows Server 2012 Hosting Review

Are you looking for a Best and Cheap Windows Server 2012 hosting? Please check this review first. Windows Server 2012, the latest addition to the Microsoft Server operating system line up, Windows Server 2012 is a monumental release packed with new features that touch every facet of the operating system. You'll see changes ranging from how data is stored on disk to the protocol for moving data between client and server and much more in between. The major design themes of the new server OS, which center on continuous availability, reduced cost, and lower management overhead, show up in many ways.

Windows Server 2012 Features

Here's a brief look at top features and changes that rank among the most significant in the latest edition of Microsoft's flagship server operating system.

New Server Manager: Create, Manage Server Groups
One of the benefits of the new Server Manager interface is the capability to create server groups, which are collections of servers that already exist on your network and can be managed through the new user experience.

A Command-Line First, GUI-Second Mentality
The emphasis for Windows Server has changed from a GUI-first philosophy to a GUI-optional mindset.

Hyper-V Replication
Microsoft has been chasing VMware in the virtualization market ever since Hyper-V was introduced. Microsoft made inroads with the version released in conjunction with Windows Server 2008 R2, which delivered many features considered "must haves" to serious virtualization users. Hyper-V 3.0 raises that bar even further and in many ways reaches parity with the lower end of the VMware spectrum.

Expanded PowerShell Capabilities
Automating the management of everything related to Windows Server 2012 is the key driver behind PowerShell 3.0. There is no management task in Windows Server 2012 that can't be accomplished using PowerShell.

Dynamic Access Control: New Way of Thinking
Dynamic Access Control (DAC) is a suite of facilities that really enhances the way you can control access to information.

Storage Spaces: Flipping Complexity on Its Head
ne of the main themes of Windows Server 2012 is the resiliency of all resources. For disk-related resources, the two new features are the Resilient File System (ReFS) and Storage Spaces.

best and cheap windows server 2012 hosting

Best and Cheap Windows Server 2012 Hosting

Are you looking for a Best and Cheap Windows Server 2012 hosting? is for sure a nice option. As a Windows Server hosting provider, has been offerring quality Windows hosting service to clients around the world.

With this provider, you can always get the latest .NET framework and components, professional tech service and best Windows hosting experience in the industry.

ASPHostPortal would upgrade their Windows Servers 2012 in the first time when any new technology is available. They offer support to ASP.NET v2, v3.5, v4.5, v4.5.1, v.4.5.2, AJAX, Silverlight, Full Trust App support, the latest version of ASP.NET MVC, URL rewrite module, and more than 30 ASP component libraries.

The price of Windows Server 2012 hosting packages is quite competitive, especially the Shared Host One plan which we may recommend most here. Going through this promotional link directly, and you can get free domain or Double SQL Space.

With this company, you get a lot of server resources, including unlimited websites, free domain with promo code, unlimited subdomains, powerful Plesk control panel, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited email accounts, etc.

Your website speed matters to site visitors. Speed page load times can encourage repeat visits, increase page views, etc. It matters to search engines as well. Google cites page load time as a key determinant of user experience and site quality - and therefore factors site speed into its page rankings. This company offer very high uptime Windows hosting as high as 99.9% uptime. this company has a group of professional support staffs who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be contacted directly via ticketing email.

Another Windows Server 2012 Hosting

1. DiscountASP.NET
DiscountASP.NET, a Microsoft Golden hosting parnter, operated in Sierra Madre, CA, US, has devoted into ASP.NET hosting service since 2003. With nearly 10 years’ growth, now it is serving for approximately 50,000 ASP.NET hosting customers and over 100,000 ASP.NET websites. DiscountASP.NET is seriously fucusing on the reliable & fast ASP.NET hosting and professional ASP.NET technical support. Unlike other cheap & unlimited ASP.NET hosting providers, this company provides and guarantees the sufficient server resources for every hosting account by the restriction “1 site on 1 account”. Windows Server 2012 hosting from comes with excellent features such as unlimited disk space and bandwidth for just $7.50 each month.

Midphase web host is another leading host when it comes to offering Windows Server 2012 hosting services to their clients. The company offers clients unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, free script transfer, free site transfers, a guaranteed network up time of 99.9% along with other great features each month at an all time low price of $5.95.
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